Grand Prix Albert Park
Grand Prix impacts at Albert Park

Riders should be alert to the disruptions and risks on routes through Albert Park now that the annual Grand Prix circuit build up is underway.

The amount of traffic is increasing significantly with peaks on the circuit around 7:00amm, 7:30am, 9:30am and 12:30pm.

The working day starts each day at 7:00am with slow moving machinery and rolling minor controlled road closures expected throughout the build.

Cyclists may be directed by Traffic Controllers to take bike paths or alternate routes.

The risk assessment for all roads in the Albert Park Lake area and in particular Aughtie Walk (the shared pathway between the Carousel carpark and Aughtie Drive) has identified the expected increase in vehicular traffic on Aughtie Walk to be a hazard to all users.

Aughtie Walk is a shared pathway for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles with a posted speed limit during the Grand Prix mobilisation and demobilisation of 10kph.

Vehicular traffic on Aughtie Walk is slow moving and speed humps will be placed on Aughtie Walk during the build. The speed humps will be well lit overnight.

Speed humps can be hazardous to inattentive riders.

Take steps to avoid injury by remaining vigilant for construction works.