Ask what the parties are doing for bikes

Transport has featured in this state election campaign but too often in the context of big road building projects rather than the parties’ attitudes to getting more people walking, riding and taking public transport.

More active transport options across the state will help ease traffic congestion in our bigger centres and improve people’s health, but they get little attention.

Bicycle Network has got together with the University of Tasmania, the Heart Foundation and Sustainable Living Tasmania to present three forums across the state so you can question candidates directly about their active transport plans.

Each of the forums runs 6.30–8pm and will give you the chance to ask questions of candidates in the state election on Saturday 3 March from the Liberal, Labor and Greens parties. The JLN candidates were invited to participate but have not yet responded.

We have also had help from local groups, especially the Central Coast Council which is hosting the Ulverstone event and Mayor Jan Bonde who is MCing, Safer Roads for Cyclists who brought the north-west groups together, and the Coastal Pathways Coalition, Tamar Bicycle Users Group and RACT for promoting the forums.

Come along to ask about the issues or projects important to you or some of the Bicycle Network asks of a new government on our webpage.


Tuesday 20 February,
6.30–8 pm

UTAS School of Architecture building, Inveresk campus


Wednesday 21 February, 6.30–8 pm

Central Coast Council Gnomon Pavilion, Wharf Road


Thursday 22 February,
6.30–8 pm

IMAS lecture theatre, Castray Esplanade

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