Help name the Caufield to Dandenong rail trail

The state government has asked for public input into the naming of the new trail along the rail line from Caulfield out to Dandenong.

The Caulfield to Dandenong Level Crossing Removal Project is creating a 17-kilometre shared path for for bike riders and pedestrians along most of the route, including sections below the new elevated 'Skyrail'.

More than 12 kilometres of path will be built by the project, joining existing paths to create a continuous route from Caulfield to Dandenong.

The path weaves its way through the project’s 22.5 hectares of new open space which also features seven new recreational areas for the community.

See a detailed map here.

Eight names have been proposed which reflect the local surroundings of the shared path and the communities in which it is located.

The list of names has been informed by recommendations from the Community Open Space Expert Panel and the project team.

The proposed names adhere with the principles of the Naming rules for places in Victoria 2016, and relevant key stakeholders including Indigenous Councils have also been consulted.

The proposed names are:

  • Kerrboo onool Trail (words meaning connecting – pronounced kerr-boo-oh-nool)
  • Kerrboo onool Rail Trail
  • Djerring Trail (word for join/unite – pronounced jer-ring)
  • Djerring Rail Trail
  • Urban Parkland Trail
  • Urban Parkland Rail Trail
  • Eucalyptus Trail
  • Eucalyptus Rail Trail

Please cast your vote on your preferred name here by 5:00pm on 9 March 2018.

The name with the most votes will be put forward as the recommendation for the official name for the new shared path, subject to formal approvals.

Skyrail in operation

The first section of the Skyrail is in operation at Noble Park, with the first trains going on up to the station in the sky at 4:44am today, Thursday 15 February.

There was some fanfare at the opening, with free pastries for the first passengers and a press conference by Public Transport Minister Jacinta Allan and Premier Daniel Andrews.

At the press conference, Premier Andrews quipped that rather than 'Skyrail, his preferred nickname for the elevated railway is 'getting it done'.

However, despite the new shared path, there are questions about just how much Premier Andrews is in fact getting done.