MP working hard for bikes

Alex Greenwich MP, Independent Member for Sydney, has continued his efforts to improve Sydney's streets for people who ride bikes.

Mr Greenwich has been consistent in his support for bike riding by regularly posing questions in parliament.

Last month, Mr Greenwich sought clarity from the government on a range of issues including:

  • Progress on the 2013 Sydney’s Cycling Future plan,
  • Plans for bicycle networks within 5km catchments of the Sydney CBD,
  • Priority cycleway routes for Connecting Inner Sydney
  • Providing bike trip information on the Transport Info website and improving wayfinding
  • Progress on the Cycling Safely Strategy

In a similar vein to the evasive answer he received in November, the Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Andrew Constance MP responded that the answers to his questions were “…publicly available on the Future Transport and Roads and Maritime Services websites.”

And that “The Government is committed to delivering Sydney’s Cycling Future, bicycle network plans and priority cycleway routes…”

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple.

Examining the Future Transport 2056 website yields pictures of bikes and aspirational claims about moving to sustainable transport but no concrete plans, budgets or immediate commitments to build what’s necessary to get us there. 

The Roads and Maritime Service website includes the RMS Walking and Cycling Program Guidelines that specify the State Government will provide 75% funding for plans but only 50% for construction of infrastructure. Given construction is the expensive part, that could be a ‘big ask' and barrier for many councils. 

This doesn’t answer Alex’s questions — there’s no time frame for delivery on a plan that’s five years old. 

Take action: Help keep bikes top of mind

We know that collective action makes a difference. So why not have a chat to your local MP and ask for real answers and timelines for delivery? 

Find your local MP and shoot them an email

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