Fishermans Bend
Bike bridge to Fishermans Bend being planned

The State Budget has provided funding for detailed planning of a new bike and tram bridge over the lower Yarra to Fishermans Bend.

The move signals that the government understands that active travel and public transport are key to redeveloping the massive Fishermans Bend zone.

And it indicates that getting bike and tram facilities into the precinct at an early stage is essential if the redevelopment is to get up steam.

One million dollars has been allocated for the development of the business case for the tram and active transport link connecting the precinct to the CBD

The plan does not propose the exact alignment for the bridge, but gives three options to link the bottom of Collins Street across the river, including a low structure that could open to allow tall vessels through.

Fishermans Bend is an unparalleled brownfield development opportunity, largely land-locked that can only reach its potential for jobs creation and housing with early provision of a high capacity bike network and public transport services.

The new suburb will house 80,000 people and 60,000 workers.

Currently, bike connections from Fishermans Bend, Port Melbourne and South Melbourne into the CBD can be quite adequately labeled a mess.

Thoughtless positioning of freeway connections, convention centres, hotels, car parks and apartments has compromised access to the city from this vector.

The new bridge is essential, yet more needs to be done in the interim.