Busy Brisbane bikeway makes world's top 10

Brisbane’s Bicentennial Bikeway is one of the world's top 10 most popular cycling routes, according to live electronic bike count data.

Numbers from the live Eco Counter data, captured daily since January 2018, shows that the Bicentennial Bikeway is ranked sixth out of more than 211 counters in 53 countries.

Nearly one million bike riders with a daily average of 5,355 trips have travelled along the Brisbane bikeway in the first six months of the year.

Melbourne’s counter on the Capital City Trail in the City of Moreland is ranked 18th in the world and is the only other Australian city to make the top 20. The Moreland Totem counter records a daily average of 3,370 riders and is currently at more than 616,751 rides for the year.

In total, 211 Eco Counters across the world have counted more than 46 million trips. 

In Australia, there are live Eco Counters in Perth, Melbourne, Canberra and Brisbane.

Unsurprisingly, European cities dominated the top 10, with Germany hosting the top five most popular sites in the world.

Top ten most popular bike sites: 
  1. Freiburg – 1.7 million+
  2. Hamburg – 1.01 million+
  3. Erlangen – 976K+
  4. Munster – 972K+
  5. Strasbourg – 984K
  6. Brisbane – 980K
  7. Karlsruhe – 920K
  8. Calgary – 852K
  9. Bonn – 767K
  10. Heidelburg – 722K

You can check on bike rider numbers at any Eco Counter site live via their website.

The Bicenntenial Bikeway is one of Brisbane's best and most connected bike routes and the Eco Counter data is further proof that if you build good places to ride bikes, bike riders will come.

Tracking data on the total number of people riding bikes is an important tool to help identify areas of improvement and inform bike policy with the goal of making it easier for more people to ride.

Bicycle Network’s own Super Tuesday and Super Sunday bike counts help collect data on commuter and recreational bike rider number across Australia.

Our Super Counts not only record bike rider movements and directions, we also track gender as an important indicator of the health of cycling in an area.  

In 2017, local volunteers collected Super Tuesday and Super Sunday at more than 1,000 locations across more than 50 council areas.

This year, Super Tuesday was held on 7 March, with Super Tuesday North to be held on 4 September and Super Sunday Recreational Count to be help on 11 November.

Learn more about the Super Tuesday Commuter Bike Count or Super Sunday Recreational Count here.

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