Parkville Works Zone
Keep privilege parked when in Parkville

Some riders appear to be assuming that it is bike business as usual in the construction area for the Parkville underground station.

But it is not. Major changes have been made to the way people circulate in the works zone around Grattan Street, and those changes also apply to people on bikes.

In some areas only walking is permitted. You can still take you bike through, but you have to walk it.

Please follow instructions from worksite controllers and do not try and ride through a pedestrian zone. There are strict OH&S rules applicable to these worksite precincts and the project staff have an obligation to see that the rules are followed.

Bike riders do not have an exemption.

The changes to pedestrian and cyclist routes are on Grattan Street between Royal Parade/Elizabeth Street and Leicester Street.

On the north side, pedestrian access is maintained using the new covered pedestrian walkway constructed in front of the University of Melbourne’s Medical Building.

This walkway is for pedestrian access only and bikes can’t be ridden though here. Please walk your bike and use the path on the south side of Grattan Street.

The entrance to the Medical Building on Grattan Street is available via the pedestrian walkway. All other entrances to the building remain unchanged.

On the south side, pedestrian access is maintained. Again, bike riders should walk their bikes.

Access to the Alan Gilbert Building and the Peter Doherty Institute is available via the covered pedestrian walkways

Signage will be in place to safely guide pedestrians and cyclists around the area.

While there are restrictions to bicycle paths along Grattan Street between Royal Parade and Leicester Street, a number of changes have been made across the bicycle network to help keep cyclists moving, including redesigning some intersections and road layouts.

Queensberry Street between Elizabeth Street and Rathdowne Street has been modified and the bicycle lanes on both sides of Queensberry Street have been improved, providing a dedicated route for bikes.