Changing lanes on Princes Bridge

Security upgrades to the Princes Bridge at the beginning of St Kilda Road will see the southbound bike lane relocated to the road.

Works are scheduled to start later this month and mostly include new line marking. Riders can continue to use the existing bike lane on the footpath while this work is being done.

Once completed, the southbound bike lane will match that of the northbound side of the bridge where a painted divide gives a buffer between bike riders and other road users.

The current southbound bike lane is divided from pedestrians with orange and white water barriers and these are set to remain in place until early 2019.

Line marking works will be coordinated with Metro Tunnel Project night works to minimise any additional night time traffic closures.

It is not the only work being done in the area at the moment, with newly implemented changes on Flinders Street having an impact on traffic.

A traffic lane on Flinders Street has been put out of action for four years, much to the angst of many people who drive through the Flinders-Swanston intersection. 

There is less need for worry for riders however, as the bike lane has been maintained.

Journey times for riders should not be impacted, but with a lot of changes around Flinders Street, Princes Bridge and St Kilda Road, it is well worth being cautious.

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