Coalition promises Life. Be in it 2.0

The Victorian Coalition has promised to reboot 'Life. Be in it.' Norm if they win the November state election as a way to promote active lifestyles for families. 

In the 1970s and 1980s, Life. Be in it. advertising campaign was one of the most widely recognised lifestyle messages in Australia.

The announcement came as the Opposition Leader Matthew Guy blamed Victoria’s ‘out of control population growth’ for the state's growing congestion and health problems. 

“We are spending more time stuck in traffic congestion and less time for rest and recreation.” Mr Guy said.

“It’s never been harder to find the time to exercise and keep fit.”

The election promise to encourage active living also comes after the Coalition pledged to bring back compulsory school sport competitions.

While it’s great to see the Coalition move its attention away from building airports and roads, it would be great to see all parties commit to funding long-term and sustainable preventative health activities.

Given the emerging and entrenched health and congestion challenges facing everyday Victorians – an advertising campaign or compulsory sport for students is simply not enough.

While staggering amounts are funneled into building more roads and rail, very little is spent on making it easier for people to incorporate activity into their daily lives.

We don't need the encouragement—Victorians want to get active—we need to break down the barriers.

By investing in bike riding, we can build health and physical activity into people’s daily lives through transport and recreation.

We can save people time, money, plus they'll be happier and healthier for it.

We know that if we build more accessible, connected and attractive places to ride, more people of all ages, backgrounds and genders will.

If we make bike riding easier, Victorians will choose active transport over the other modes.

As a modern and liveable state, Victoria’s transport system is our most efficient and cost-effective preventative health mechanism and congestion buster.

Don't forget about bikes

This election, Bicycle Network is asking all parties to not forget about bikes.

We want to see a strong commitment to building attractive and connected places to ride as well as investment in proven, successful behaviour change programs such as Ride2School.

See Bicycle Network's election priorities and key commitments 

How can you help? 

Make sure the voice of bike riders and those who want to ride more are heard this election. Reach out to your local members and make sure they don’t forget about bikes. 

Find out how you can take action today. 

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