Tassie news round-up

Channel Highway road widening

Work has started on widening the last section of the Channel Highway over Bonnet Hill to make more room for cyclists, which has reduced the normally two-lane road to one lane for 150 metres near the Shot Tower.

We've had reports that some cyclists are riding around the roadworks against the traffic signals. Cyclists who ride through against the signals will be riding into oncoming traffic, with no room for motor vehicles to avoid them.

Please take care, follow the traffic management signs and stay safe on your ride.

Ride to the cricket

Bicycle Network volunteers will be providing valet bicycle parking at the One Day International cricket match between Australia and South Africa this Sunday 11 November at Blundstone Arena.

The parking will be available next to the main gate from 12.30pm until after the match finishes. 

The ground is right on the Clarence foreshore trail which means eastern shore residents can easily ride to the match and people from further afield may choose to park somewhere close to the trail and ride the rest of the way.

New councils on their bikes

New councils are settling in around the state, including many of the city council candidates who supported our Top 5 asks for bicycles.

We've updated our Vote Bike page so you can see who pledged their support for better bicycle infrastructure and programs at the city council level.

Hobart and Clarence councils have a majority of aldermen in support of safer cycleways and Launceston is half and half, so here's hoping for more progress this term.

We've updated the lists of local government contacts on our website for you to use in lobbying efforts. 

Have your say on Glenorchy & Kingborough bicycle issues

The Glenorchy City Council is looking for 6 community reps for its Healthy Communities Advisory Committee, which meets every two months, and it would be great if a bicycle rider was one of them.

The committee will follow the Healthy Communities Plan, which has active transport as one of its objectives.

If you are interested, please write to describing how you can help make a difference by 4pm Tuesday 13 November 2018.

If you are a Kingborough resident and want more say in local bicycle issues, then put your hand up for the council's Bicycle Advisory Committee.

Meetings are held every two months on a Friday morning for a couple of hours.

Send your expression of interest to by Friday 16 November. For more information call 6211 8200 or apply online

Hobart transport forums

The Active Living in Tasmania forum on Tuesday 20 November at the Menzies Institute in Liverpool Street, Hobart sounds tailor-made for bicycle enthusiasts.

Register now to hear from visiting expert Professor James Sallis on how our built environment can deter or encourage people to be physically active, and latest research from the Menzies Institute, Heart Foundation and Local Government Association of Tasmania.

And if you want to attend the RACT Hobart Mobility Vision forum on Monday 19 November at the Stanley Burbury Theature at the University of Tasmania, don’t forget to register.

The RACT’s panel of experts will present options for a 30 year transport vision for Hobart: