M2 Cycleway detour to last for three years

A long and winding detour around Sydney's M2 Cycleway that has been in place since 2016 because of NorthConnex works has been extended until 2020, with little explanation from NorthConnex.

The cycleway is closed between Pennant Hills Road and Windsor Road and the detour directs riders along about a dozen different roads south of the motorway. It turns a usual five kilometre stretch into 12 kilometres.

NorthConnex originally announced the closure in January 2016 and communication material said it would be in place for 24 months.

Riders have been patiently enduring the detour and waiting for the M2 Cycleway to reopen, but as 2019 drew closer there was no sign of the detour being taken out.

A Bicycle Network member began contacting NorthConnex to find out when the cycleway would reopen, but did not receive a response.

There is now a hard-to-find update on the NorthConnex website saying that the M2 Cycleway will be closed until 2020.

It is very sneaky – Bicycle Network is not aware of any communication sent to riders or bike groups about the detour extension. It is not listed in the updates or construction section of the NorthConnex website and only a Google search found the page.

You can see the notice here.

The notice directs riders to a PDF map of the detour, but this is the same one that was originally sent out in 2016 and has not been updated with new dates or information.

News from late last year said that the final completion date for NorthConnex had been delayed until 2020 and caused the project director to resign.

However, the M2 Cycleway detour is just one part of the project and relates only to work around the Hills M2 Integration.

Bicycle Network is waiting for information from NorthConnex about the detour, and we suggest members and riders also get in touch.

You can call NorthConnex on 1800 997 057 (free call) or email on

Click here or on the image below to see a map of the detour

Email NorthConnex

Top image from NorthConnex website

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