NSW Greens pledge $1 billion for bikes

In the lead up to the election, the NSW Greens is the latest party to release their plan to make easier for more people to ride, which includes a $1 billion cycling infrastructure fund. 

The four year fund would support the construction of a connected network of cycleways within metropolitan and major regional communities and is based on a spend of roughly $30 per head of the NSW population.

The plan also highlights priority infrastructure projects including the Habour Bridge cycle ramp, a bi-directional separated cycleway along Castlereagh Street and the reconstruction of the College Street cycleway.

In addition to the $1 billion cycling infrastructure fund ($250m annually over four years), The Green’s plan also calls for:

  • Active transport infrastructure to be mandatory in all major new road and transport projects
  • At least 20% of developer contributions to go towards cycling and walking infrastructure
  • Improved motorist education and police enforcement to keep cyclists and pedestrians safe
  • Statewide behaviour change programs to increase the uptake of cycling and

These commitments mirror the campaigns and key priorities outlined in Bicycle Network’s election policy paper and NSW Budget submission 2019-20.

Bicycle Network strongly believes that these active travel commitments are not only cost-effective but will deliver wide-ranging benefits to NSW.

Greens MP and Spokesperson for Active Transport, Cate Faehrmann said that encouraging people to get out of their cars and onto bikes was a no brainer.

“The Greens will invest in a world-class active transport network to make it safe and viable for people to cycle or walk every day to work, school, universities, shops and playgrounds."

"We believe it’s time for cycling and walking infrastructure to be considered state significant development just like some roads are."

“They are great value public investments that deliver a whole host of community benefits. Cycling reduces stress on our roads and parking places, cuts carbon pollution and traffic congestion and improves community health,” Ms Faehrmann said.

Make your vote count for bikes

It's great to see that all major parties have now made commitments that recognise the importance of active travel and bike riding. 

Bicycle Network is tracking these commitments on our NSW State Election website. 

Be informed and make sure you cast your vote for bikes and the people who ride them.

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