The latest rideable reactions

Since the release of our 'new reverse traffic pyramid', there has been a lot of talk in transport and planning circles lately about e-scooters, electric bikes and other electronically powered personal transport devices.

With e-scooter hire schemes recently launching in Queensland, South Australia and New Zealand, there have been a number of reports outlining the current state of confusion around where these new transport modes fit into existing systems, and how our future planning should accommodate them.

In the past two weeks alone we've seen:

As promised, Bicycle Network will continue to keenly monitor how different states and neighbouring countries approach responsive legislation and long-term infrastructure changes to accommodate the growing market of rideables.

In particular, the safety concerns raised when trying to fit these new devices into existing transport systems – and how these concerns weigh-up against the benefits to congestion and omissions that these devices present. 

However, as these electronically powered devices fail to address the growing health concerns of a sedentary society, our number one priority remains making it easier for more people to ride bikes and choose active transport – as depicted in our pyramid.

Click here for more information about the reverse traffic pyramid.


Photo credit: Richard Gosling

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