NSW Liberals win election

The NSW Liberals won the state election on the weekend, delivering them a third consecutive term.

What does that mean for people who ride bikes? Three key promises were made during the election campaign to make things better for bike riders and encourage active travel.

At the top of the list was the doubling of active travel funding to $330 million over the next five years and spending another $285 million on shared paths as part of other projects, such as the South West Metro.

The Libs also said they would support cycling projects in line with Future Transport Strategy 2025.

This strategy prioritises the delivery of connected cycling networks within 10 kilometres of metropolitan city centres by 2026, and within five kilometres of strategic centres by 2036.

A more direct promise was building the Eastern Suburbs Cycleway, a new fully separated cycleway along Centennial Park.

Of course, many riders will remember the NSW Liberals for ripping up the College Street cycleway and trying to introduce mandatory ID for bike riders.

It is now up to us to make sure they come good on their election promises.

Bicycle Network will continue to work for bike riders and make sure that the Liberals come good and start to do more for people who ride.

As well as the above promises, we'll also be asking for the Harbour Bridge steps to finally be fixed and for a commitment to Ride2School.

For more information about the government's commitments and Bicycle Network's election asks, check out our page here.

You might also like to congratulate Ms Berejiklian on her win and ask when work will begin on their promised bike projects. You can reach her on, you can also CC in

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