Labor to fund Hurstbridge line link

Federal Labor has undertaken to fund a new bike path from Greensborough to Montmorency if it forms government after this month's election.

The path would be built as part of the $530B second stage of the Hurstbridge line upgrade, that duplicates the track between the two suburbs.

The project will be part of Melbourne’s network of strategic cycling corridors that will eventually criss-cross the metropolis with high standard bike infrastructure.

The path will provide a valuable link to the Plenty River Trail for residents of the adjoining districts.

The $7M trail will require a new bridge over the Plenty River. The money will come from Labor’s promised National Bike Paths Strategy.

Melbourne’s north east will gain some good bike projects as as result of the Hurstbridge line upgrades and the constriction of the North East Link road project.

Shadow Minister for Transport, Anthony Albanese, said: "Federal Labor’s National Bike Paths Strategy is based on the fact that effective transport systems require not just rail and roads, but also bike paths and walking paths.

"Our aim is to encourage Australians to enjoy the health benefits of exercise and also reduce traffic congestion by making it easier to access public transport hubs on foot or on bicycles”, he said.

"A Shorten Labor Government would also invest in bike paths to capitalise on the growing demand for trail tourism."

As well as a new train station at Greensborough and the duplication of the track between Greensborough and Montmorency, it also duplicates 1.5 kilometres of track between Diamond Creek and Wattle Glen to allow more train services during the morning peak.

The Victorian Government expects construction of Stage 2 to begin in 2020 and be completed by 2022.

The project is included under the broader Hurstbridge Line capacity project, which Infrastructure Australia identifies as a Priority Initiative in its Infrastructure Priority List.

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