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More sewer works on Beach Road

Beach Road riders will again be inconvenienced by sewer relining works, this time in Sandringham.

Melbourne Water, with contractors John Holland – KBR will begin work on relining the sewer under Beach Road next Wednesday, 10 July.

This follows last year’s similar, but much bigger, relining project along the Beach Road corridor through Brighton.

That project was exceptionally well planned and executed and riders will expect the same along the Sandringham stretch, as the same approach will be followed.

The six-week project will be undertaken between the Sandringham Club near Abbott Street, and Bay Road—about 500m in length.

Similar to previous works carried out last year, bike riders would be sharing the road with motorists within the traffic management zone.

Initially works will be between 9am and 3pm for 2.5 weeks from 10 July while manholes are fixed.

Following that, there will be night works on Beach Road for 4 weeks between 7pm and 5am.

Works will not occur in peak times, or on Friday or Saturday evenings (Saturday or Sunday mornings) to ensure a free flow along the road during peak bike riding periods.

More details here.

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