Via dell’Acqua
Via dell’Acqua - 250km Rome to Assisi trail

The Italians are planning a new bike tourism route through central Italy linking Assisi in Umbria to historic Rome.

The trail will for much of its length run adjacent to rivers, including the Tiber, hence the name Via dell’Acqua.

Central Italy is none of the most popular international tourism destinations, but its appeal is suffering from increasing motor car infestation.

Now, the politicians ruling the region are looking to bikes to make the tourism economy more sustainable.

“This is a unique itinerary that promises to unite our city with Assisi,” said Rome mayor Virginia Raggi.

“Creating the bike path is also an opportunity for us to expand the network of cycle-friendly spaces that weʼre already working on in our city.”

As of early last year, Rome has around 80km of new bike lanes under construction and next year hope to also complete a 45km long circular path dubbed “Grab”, which will snake from the historic centre to the edge of the city.

The 250km route will start at the Basilica of St. Francesco dʼAssisi in the Umbria region and official end at St. Peterʼs Basilica in the Vatican, passing through Spoleto on the way.

Council officials describe the project as a “cultural, naturalistic, archaeological, and religious journey,” which will encompass plenty of towns, nature reserves, and archaeological sites.

Looking beyond The Great Kiwi... did somebody say Great Italian Escape?!

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