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Bicycles for Humanity Melbourne is holding a raffle to raise money for solar powered ebikes and recharging facilities to give better transport for people from communities in Namibia.

Raffle prizes include an Intrepid cycling tour in Vietnam, a photo shoot at Verve Studios, hamper of Blessed by Nature products, Knog bike lights and a Bicycle Network riding pack including an annual membership.

Money raised by the Bicycles for Humanity Solar Charged Raffle will be used to transform an existing bike workshop previously set up in Namibia by Bicycles for Humanity.

The goal is to raise enough money for five solar powered, electric bicycle kits and a recharging station.

Bikes give people in Namibia transport to work, school and healthcare as well as places to collect water and buy food.

Tickets for the raffle start at $10.00 for one entry and range up to $120 for 15 entries. The first prize of the Intrepid tour is valued at $2,500.

Click here to see the full prize pool and information about the raffle.

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About Bicycles for Humanity Melbourne

Bicycles for Humanity Melbourne is a volunteer-run charity that works address poverty by giving people access to bikes for transportation and freedom.

Bicycles for Humanity recycle bikes and donate them to communities and people in Africa.

It is a global movement that was established in Canada. Bicycles for Humanity Melbourne was set up in 2008 and was Australia's first Bicycles for Humanity chapter.

Last year they celebrated their 10th anniversary. In that time they have shipped 22 containers to Africa. More than 10,000 bicycles have been given a new life and  are making a difference to people in Africa, Cambodia, the Northern Territory and Melbourne.

Click here to read more about Bicycles for Humanity Melbourne and its purpose.

Make a two-wheeled donation

Entering the Bicycles for Humanity Solar Charged Raffle is not the only way you can support the charity – they are also always on the hunt for bicycles that can be re-used

If you have an adult-sized bicycle in decent condition that you don't need anymore you can donate it to Bicycles for Humanity instead of waiting for next year's hard rubbish collection.

The most useful bikes are adult sized hybrid or mountain bikes as they are best suited for the developing world, but other adult bikes can also be re-homed locally.

You can drop off your bike at particular bike shops in Melbourne, or contact Bicycles for Humanity Melbourne to organise collection. Click here to read more about donating your bike.

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