Do you Ride2Work? Take our survey.

National Ride2Work Day is coming up on Wednesday 16 October and in the lead up to the day we want to know why people do or don't ride a bike to work.

We've put together a short survey with questions about how far you travel to work, how you usually get there and what makes is easy or hard to ride.

Information from the survey will be used to help workplaces and governments make it easier for people to ride.

We want to get as many responses to the survey as possible and would love if everyone who completes the survey forwards it on to five other people.

You can send it to friends, family and people at work, even if you know they ride everyday or have little interest in riding. It might help us convert them!

Click here or on the button below to take the survey.

Take the Ride2Work survey

National Ride2Work Day

Registrations are now open for National Ride2Work Day on Wednesday 16 October 2019.

The day will be celebrated with free community breakfasts all around the country for people who ride to work.

You will see a map with each breakfast location. If you know of a Ride2Work breakfast that isn't on the map please let us know and it can be added.