The ride of the scaffold

Riders along the busy Footscray Road trail will have a new, uplifting experience over the next six months as they venture west.

Due to construction works associated with connections to the West Gate Tunnel, the existing outbound ramp up to Appleton Dock Road will be closed from next Tuesday, 22 October.

Instead, riders will take a detour up a temporary ramp that has been constructed for them.

The new ramp, built from scaffolding, has been growing towards completion over recent months in full view of riders along the existing ramp.

The structure is strong and secure and wide, has a grippy surface, and should be comfortable to ride on.

It is actually less steep than the existing ramp.

Riders will need to take care, especially as they grow accustomed to the new structure.

At the top of the scaffold ramp, where it ties in with the existing ramp, riders should make the turn safely, being alert to the fact that riders will also be coming in the opposite direction.

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