Who are our members?

We've compiled the results from our annual member survey and thought we'd share some of the results with you. 


Our member demographic is largely reflective of Australia's overall bike riding population where the majority of our members are aged between 50-70 years old.

Women represent just 27 per cent of Bicycle Network members. While we'd love for it to be 50/50, this statistic is pretty consistent with bike riding populations where roughly one in three bike riders are women. We'll continue to work on programs, campaigns and infrastructure that make it easier for even more women to ride. 

Member age breakdown

We have nearly 50,000 members spread throughout the country but it comes as no surprise that our strongest base is in Victoria. We've been operating in Victoria for more than 40 years. 

Member location

Bikes and riding:

The majority of our members spend between $1,000 and $3,000 on their bike with a quarter telling us they spend more than $5,000.

On average our members own between two and three bikes with just over 10 per cent owning more than five. 

Cost of favourite bike

While e-bikes are outselling other bikes in parts of Europe, this is a very immature category in Australia. Nevertheless, with 12 per cent of our members indicating that they either own one, or are likely to purchase in the next 12 months, there are signs of change. 

For those not interested in ebikes, the most common reason was that members believe that an ebike would not give them enough exercise. To help clear up the any misconceptions, this is certainly not the case with pedelec ebikes

When it comes to where we prefer to ride, our members are also an eclectic group.

While the majority enjoy bike paths and trails, significant proportions enjoy riding on roads - either in groups or solo. Just over a quarter of members commute regularly. A majority of our members also clock up more than 50km of riding per week. 

Type of riding
Distance ridden each week

Members and us:

Our members tell us that many join for our personal and third party insurance cover. However, many members also join to help support our efforts to make riding a bike safer and more accessible for Australians.

Why our members joined us

It'll come as no surprise that members indicate that the benefits they value most are the insurance cover as well as Bicycle Network’s advocacy work, with just over a quarter mentioning In the loop and Riders Rights support.

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Most valued member benefits

Bike riding conditions:

Members were asked to nominate the major issues they face as a person riding a bike. Motorists (50%) and the inadequacy of accessible (39%), separated and connected places to ride were by far the most common concerns. 

Learn more about how Bicycle Network campaigned to make it easier and safer for more people to ride in 2019. Read more.


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