WTF: dragging a tyre up the back of Falls

After riding the first 200km of this weekend's Peaks Challenge Falls Creek, Cameron Hughes from CAMS Cycling Collective will strap a tyre to his bike and tow it up the back of Falls Creek.

It's back-breaking challenge that would be hard enough with fresh legs, let alone after hours of riding and two other mountains, but Cameron has some special motivation.

His long time friend Murray Geale has been diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease (MND). Cameron is aiming to raise money for MND and Me Foundation and increase awareness of the crippling disease.

Murray is a rider himself and has finished Peaks Challenge Falls Creek twice, so for Cameron it's a fitting but gruelling attempt.

"It will be difficult! My legs, heart and lungs will burn like crazy but I hope such a challenge will inspire you to support this challenge, Murray and MND and Me," said Cameron.

Riders push up WTF corner at Peaks Challenge Falls Creek.

When Cameron gets to WTF corner, the beginning of the Falls Creek climb, he will rope a Porsche tyre to his bike and tow it for the final stretch of the ride.

It includes a 9km climb with an average 9% gradient from WTF corner to Trapyard Gap, a ride over Raspberry Hill and around Rocky Valley Dam and then up one final little climb before crossing the finish line. He will tow the tyre for 35 kilometres.

“I’m determined to contribute to finding a cure. I am sure you can’t fathom how it would feel if your body let you down like this, but Murray and his wife are super heroes!

"They are passionate, motivated and inspiring us all to understand MND and join them to look for a solution."

You can donate to Cameron's MND and Me Foundation fundraising page here.

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About Peaks Challenge Falls Creek 2020

When: Sunday 8 March 2020

Where: Starting at finishing in Slalom Plaza, Falls Creek, the 235 kilometre course travels in an anti-clockwise direction through Mount Beauty, Tawonga Gap, Harrietville, Mount Hotham, Omeo and Anglers Rest before heading up the back of Falls Creek.

Who: Up to 1,500 cyclists from all around Australia and overseas plus family, friends and supporters, 80 volunteers and Bicycle Network staff.

Why: Peaks Challenge Falls Creek is a chance for everyday people who ride a bike to take on an ultimate cycling challenge with support similar to that of a professional race.

Follow: Follow Peaks Challenge Falls Creek on Instagram and Twitter using @Bicycle_Network and #PeaksChallenge, and on the Facebook event page.

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