Southern Cross Station security upgrades

Work will soon be underway on security upgrades at Southern Cross Station that may inconvenience some riders as construction progresses.

This will benefit bike riders in the long run, as not only will there be better security for public transport users, bike routes adjacent to the station will also be upgraded as a result of the project.

From Sunday until Wednesday next week, overnight works will be undertaken to ascertain the exact location of services under the footpaths and roadways around the station.

The works start at 8pm and end at 5am, so most riders through the area will not be affected.

At times, small areas may be fenced to contain work and equipment.

These areas will be signed to direct pedestrians, cyclists and motorists safely around the area.

The footings of the perimeter security bollards will penetrate the ground to some depth, so care needs to be taken.

Service proving involves finding electricity, telecommunication, drainage, sewerage and other services that are located underground.

This information will be used to help plan construction works for the security measures.

The long-term security measures that will be installed at Southern Cross Station are part of a program of security enhancements being delivered by City of Melbourne in partnership with the Victorian Government and Victoria Police.

The enhancements planned for Southern Cross Station will provide greater security for pedestrians, while maintaining the area’s appeal and amenity, and enabling the concrete blocks to be removed.

The installation of the long-term security measures will take place in the coming months.

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