New challenge to keep kids active during lockdown

As part of World Physical Activity Day, Bicycle Network is inspiring children and parents to get their daily dose of exercise during the coronavirus lockdown with a fun and safe exercise challenge.

The Ride2School Active Challenge encourages families to keep active by riding their bike and logging how far they ride each day on a printable, fridge-friendly tracker.

As they rack up the kilometres, kids can compare their total against different milestones such as the laps of the MCG, the height of the Eiffel Tower and the length of the Great Ocean Road.

Bicycle Network spokesperson Anthea Hargreaves said that it’s never been more important for children to get the 60 minutes of exercise they need each day to look after their health.

“We know that parents are looking for extra help to keep their children entertained, fit and healthy so this is a great tool to inspire and motivate them during this trying time,” said Ms Hargreaves.

“Now’s a great time to show kids just how fun riding a bike can be so that these healthy habits become entrenched in their everyday lifestyle when normality returns.”

World Physical Activity Day was originally recommended by the World Health Organisation and is now recognised annually on 6 April to promote regular exercise.

While it is currently necessary to limit the number of times we go outside, daily physical activity is still vital and is a good way to clear the mind.

“Riding a bike is one of the best ways for families to hit their physical activity targets that meets the safety recommendations of the relevant health bodies and allows families to have some fun outdoors,” said Ms Hargreaves.

A recent Bicycle Network survey found that people are still riding, with 73 per cent of people saying they will ride their bike more or as much than they typically would during the coronavirus lockdown. To help families new to riding, Bicycle Network has also put together a list of handy tips.

The Ride2School program promotes active travel by helping children to ride, walk, scoot and skate to school. Visit for details about the Ride2School Active Challenge.

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