Brisbane rider goes cross-country to beat border closure

Brisbane-based bike rider Alex Trefny was half way through an epic 4,500km ride from Brisbane to Perth when the WA Premier announced impending border closures last week.

But after decades of planning and training for the cross-country adventure, the Swiss-born Queenslander was not about to turn back when he heard the news — 2300 kilometres into his three week journey to visit his son in Perth.

Leaving home on March 14, he had to seriously pick up the pace to avoid getting stuck somewhere in central Australia on his bike.

Over the weekend, Mr Trefny rode across the Nullarbor to the checkpoint, where he joined a line of cars and caravans at the quarantine checkpoint, and was allowed through to his son's place. The border closed six hours later.

Though he does admit to "cheating a little bit", when someone gave him a lift for 300 kilometres so that he could get there before the border closed completely.

Of course, our Great Vic SAG drivers will tell you there is no shame in that, though with a mere 532 kilometres of riding on this year's Great Vic Bike Ride, we don't think Mr Trefny would be needing a lift.  

The Great Vic SAG wagon picks up a pleased looking passenger.

With no plans in Western Australia other than some father-son bonding, Mr Trefny is now keeping an eye on flights back to Brissy. He's probably ridden enough for a while.