Social rides to start rolling out again

With the start of stage two COVID-19 restrictions allowing 20 people to gather outside, we are re-activating our free social rides program.

Very few of our rides would attract more than 20 people (we’d be very happy if they did though!) but we’ll keep a limit on numbers by requiring people to RSVP online for any rides they intend on joining.

It will either be a case of first in gets a spot, or we’ll see if we can run two groups if there is a another ride leader who can help out.

We’ll keep the online RSVP going when we enter stage three restrictions that allow 50–100 people to gather outside, as we want to avoid participants having to touch anything communal.

Our social rides leaders are following a new set of protocols to help make our rides compliant with government directions:

  • Meeting places for rides will have plenty of space for people to maintain 1.5 to 2 metre distancing while unloading bikes, listening to the briefing, and getting ready to ride.
  • Riders will are asked to register online so there is no paper being handed around on the day and we can limit numbers. 
  • the ride leader will have sanitiser on hand in case of needing to touch bikes or riders.
  • if people show up on the day and push the rider numbers over the limit, the group will be broken into two if there is another ride leader on site.
  • Other than for family groups, riders will be asked to keep 10 metres behind other riders during the ride.
  • People are asked not to attend rides if they have fever, cough, sore throat, fatigue, shortness of breath or runny nose.

All of our social rides information has moved to the RidewithGPS website, where Bicycle Network Tasmania has a club account.

To see what social rides are coming up visit:

By clicking on the ride or event you are interested in you can check all the details, including route maps, and RSVP at the bottom.

Out of Ulverstone

Our next scheduled social ride is coming up this Sunday 7 June at 11 am, leaving from the Gnomon Pavilion in Ulverstone.

There are two options for the ride, depending on the number of people who RSVP and their interests, either out to Penguin and back, or a loop inland via quiet backroads.

The 23 km Penguin ride would head out via South Road and return via the coast road or if the group preferred, out and back just on the coast road.

The 34 km inland farm route, with a 420 m ascent, would travel via Castra Road–Clerke Plains Rd–Kindred Rd–Stubbs Rd–Westella Dr–Fieldings Way–Ocean Drive–Beach Rd. There are easier and harder options available for this route that could be decided on the day.

The forecast is for light woods and some clouds – perfect weather for riding!

Upcoming rides & events

Social rides are featured in each edition of In the Loop, but if you want more notice visit our social rides calendar, which is regularly updated.

The strength of our social rides program depends on members volunteering to lead rides. Leading social rides is a fun way to "give back" to the riding community, and to help us to get "more people riding, more often".  

Bicycle Network Tasmania accredits Social Ride Leaders, and requires anyone interested in leading rides to be accredited. If you would like to be one of our Ride Leaders, please volunteer here and we'll let you know when the next Ride Leader Skills Development Workshop is scheduled.