triumph e-bike
Triumph returns to bicycles, after 136 years

Top British motorcycle brand Triumph has launched an e-bike, returning to the mode of travel that launched the company in 1884.

Triumph, which has made some of the most desired machines in the history of the motorcycle, hopes its new Trekker GT e-bike will lead to a new generation of e-bike riders that like a bit of style along with their perpetual tail-wind.

The stylish, fully equipped pedelec is aimed at the commuter, everyday riding segment.

It is being launched in the UK, Europe and the US. No news yet about Australian availability.

The bike has a minimalist design, with much of the battery, wiring, and drivetrain hidden inside the hydro-formed, lightweight aluminium frame.

It uses Shimano’s latest powertrain with 250W in-frame motor with a 504Wh battery giving it a considerable riding range 150 km. 

The total electric drivetrain weighs less than 3 kg. Overall, the bike weighs 24 kg.

The Shimano display on the handlebars allows riders to toggle between four different options and includes functions like speed, distance, trip time, gear, range, and remaining battery power. 

It also comes with fully integrated LED lighting, matte black mudguards and pannier rack, and 270mm U-lock.

Triumph started out in 1884 as a bicycle company, based in Coventry. It wasn’t until 1902 that the firm made its first motorcycle. 

Triumph follows fellow motorcycle makers Harley Davidson and Ducati in the move to e-bikes.

And a number of car brands are making the shift as well.

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