Social rides gear up for #Parkitfortheplanet

Our social ride leaders are putting on a jam-packed August schedule of rides for people to get ready to #parkitfortheplanet on Wednesday 26 August.

If you feel your bike skills are too rusty to swap a car trip for a bike trip on the 26th, get along to one of the free upcoming rides and get back into cycling form especially riding on gravel or up steep hills!

#Parkitfortheplanet is being held in support of the new ABC TV program Fight for Planet A, which explores how we can cut our carbon emissions to slow down climate change.

Moonah Mountain Moaner

On Saturday 1 August test your legs or your e-bike motor with this ride up the steep foothills of Moonah, starting at the Cenotaph at 9.30 am.

This is a 22km ride for fit and experienced riders as the hills are steep and we’ll be riding on narrow, busy Kalang Road and other potentially busy streets. As there will be some dirt and grass tracks involved, this ride won’t suit skinny tyres.

The ride will begin and end via the Intercity Cycleway but most of the route will be on local streets through Moonah and West Moonah. We’ll stop for a coffee on the return leg.

Please RSVP to ride leader Greg Dutkowski online or via email or phone in case the ride is cancelled due to bad weather.

Women on Wheels

We’ve been running an annual Women on Wheels ride for the past 20 years but the feedback we’ve got is that women wanted more regular riding opportunities to build their confidence.

Thanks to a group of volunteer ride leaders, we are now endeavouring to offer a Women on Wheels ride on the first Sunday of every month.

The first ride is being held on Sunday 2 August at 10.30 am, leaving from the Cenotaph car park and heading out to Cadburys on the Intercity Cycleway then returning.

At 29 km, it’s a great ride for building confidence and stamina while also having some fun, and a coffee break to get to know other riders.

Please RSVP to the ride leader Urszula Stanny with your contact details, or through the RidewithGPS website.

Kangaroo Bay to Mt Rumney

This ride on Sunday 2 August is only 22.5 km long but will head straight to the top of Mt Rumney to give your legs and lungs a workout before gliding back down to Kangaroo Bay and coffee at Bellerive.

The ride will start at 10am on the bike track before transitioning to Cambridge and Mt Rumney roads, there will also be a stop at the old railway tunnel at Tunnel Hill to see the remainder of the 1889 train tracks.

This ride will suit experienced and inexperienced riders and the group will go slowly up Mt Rumney so don’t worry about being left behind!

Please RSVP to ride leader Brian Chapman online or via email or phone.

Domain Triple Loop

If you’re not sure what the Queen’s Domain offers for bike riders, here’s your chance to find out, with a new ride on Saturday 8 August exploring the tracks and quiet roads of the popular Hobart bush reserve.

The group will start off at 9.30 am from the Cenotaph car park, heading over the Remembrance Bridge and up the gravel Soldiers Walk path for the first loop of the Domain.

This will follow the mountain bike track to the summit – you don’t need a mountain bike to undertake the ride but skinny tyres won’t go well on gravel tracks. There is the option for people not comfortable riding on gravel to take the Summit Road instead of the track.

The second loop follows Max’s Infinity Loop, which is combined running, walking and cycling path, which we’ll end with a ride down to the Botanic Gardens for a cuppa at the café.

The third loop is around the Domain, following the Intercity Cycleway, Bay Road and back into the city along Campbell Street. Some road riding experience is useful for the last loop but less experienced riders can position themselves in the middle of the group.

Please RSVP to ride leader Greg Dutkowski online or via phone or email in case the ride is cancelled due to bad weather.

Kangaroo Bay to Shag Bay

This 22 km ride is a great mix of bike paths, quiet roads and gravel bush tracks ready for an all-rounder hybrid or mountain bike rider to have some fun and see parts of Clarence they might not have known about.

Running on Sunday 9 August, we’ll be leaving Kangaroo Bay at 10 am and will head out along mostly bike paths and quiet streets to Flagstaff Gully Rd and the Flagstaff Gully Quarry.

From there its gravel bush tracks through to Shag Bay where the ride will meet the Foreshore Trail to head out to Geilston Bay and back to Kangaroo Bay.

Don’t worry if you are not experienced riding on gravel as we’ll take the bush sections slowly, and will end the ride with coffee in Bellerive.

Please RSVP to ride leader Brian Chapman online or via phone or email in case of ride cancellation due to bad weather.

Upcoming rides & events

Social rides are featured in each edition of In the Loop, but if you want more notice visit our social rides calendar, which is regularly updated.

Bicycle Network Tasmania accredits Social Ride Leaders and requires anyone interested in leading rides to be accredited. If you would like to be one of our Ride Leaders, please volunteer here and we'll let you know when the next Ride Leader Skills Development Workshop is scheduled.

COVID-19 guidelines

Our social rides leaders are following a new set of protocols to help make our rides compliant with government directions:

  • Meeting places for rides will have plenty of space for people to maintain 1.5 to 2 metre distancing while unloading bikes, listening to the briefing, and getting ready to ride.
  • Riders are asked to register online or via phone so there is no paper being handed around on the day. 
  • Ride leaders will have sanitiser on hand in case of needing to touch bikes or riders.
  • People are asked not to attend rides if they have fever, cough, sore throat, fatigue, shortness of breath or runny nose.