Melbourne CBD security works update

The installation of public security measures continues around the CBD, including on or close to bike routes.

Security upgrade works are continuing around Southbank for the next 12 weeks, with the next phase of works to include installation of security measures near Evan Walker Bridge as well as between the Arts Centre and Southgate.

Bollards and other bespoke security measures have already been installed at Queensbridge Square, Riverside Quay and near Hamer Hall.

The works around Southbank include installation of stainless steel bollards and other security enhancements as well as the removal of concrete blocks.

Minor site investigation works will also take place on the northern side of the river.

There will be some changes to vehicle, pedestrian and cyclist access to Southbank Promenade. Temporary fencing and signage will be in place.

Pedestrians and cyclists will be able to move safely around the work; however some detours may be in place. Cyclists will have to dismount at times.

These measures are part of a program of security enhancements being delivered by City of Melbourne in partnership with the Victorian Government and Victoria Police.

The measures will provide protection for commuters, visitors, pedestrians and customers of nearby businesses, as well as enabling the existing concrete blocks to be removed from the area.

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