Northern Beaches Council adopt new bike plan

This week, Northern Beaches Council adopted their new bike plan which sets out the directions and actions to help make it easier for people to ride.

The aim of the plan is to create a safe, convenient, and connected network of shared paths and bicycle lanes attractive for people of all ages and abilities. It recognises that people ride for different reasons, whether for transport, fitness or recreation and that they require different types of infrastructure.

The Northern Beaches Bike Plan sets out two separate cycling networks:

  1. Safe Cycling Network– provides a safe and connected bike riding environment that is separated from motor vehicle traffic and aims to encourage cycling for transport, with a focus on short trips.
  2. Road Cycling Network– Acknowledging the popularity of road cycling, this network identifies major routes that riders already generally use and provides actions to reduce the risk for all road users.

In addition to two separated cycling networks, the plan also outlines four directions which will create a better connected and safer environment for all path and road users. These include:

  1. Expand, improve and maintain the Safe Cycling Network
  2. Improve and maintain the Road Cycling Network
  3. Provide and maintain end-of-trip facilities
  4. Promote and encourage cycling

The plan had strong support from the local community with more than 88 per cent of the community supporting a safe bicycle network that connects residential areas, major transport hubs and key destinations.

The Community and Stakeholder engagement report also saw strong support for improved end-of-trip facilities and better promotion of cycling.

As a result of the stakeholder engagement process, minor changes and additions were made to the plan, with several additional route segments included and a review of the priority tool to determine the delivery schedule.

Design work has already commenced on sections to connect the nearby communities with transport services in Brookvale and Manly and delivering two missing sections of the bike network in the Frenchs Forest area.

The bike plan is a further show of commitment by the Northern Beaches Council to growing cycling participating in their area and the actions outlined are consistent with the NSW Government’s future vision for a 30-minute city.

Bicycle Network would like to thank those members and friends who gave feedback on the plan.

See the council report

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