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Rail shutdown to squeeze trail

The rail shutdown on the Upfield line, and the utilisation of bus replacement services, will result in additional congestion around Brunswick Station until November.

The establishment of the bus interchange at Brunswick will feed additional pedestrians onto the Upfield shared path in the station precinct, potentially creating friction between path users during the busier commuting periods.

People on bikes can still access the trail between Victorian and Albert Streets, however more confident riders will have the option of cutting through Prentice Street just across the railway line.

Prentice Street is one-way, city bound, but has a contra-flow bike lane.

The changes kick in from next Monday 3 August and will continue through to the last train service on Sunday 8 November.

The impact on riders will mostly occur on weekday mornings between 7am and 9am. Bus passengers will alight at Albert Street and walk up the path to the city bound station entrance in the opposite direction to the riders who may be riding to work in the city.

To ensure the safety of pedestrians and bike riders on the path in this block it is suggested that riders who wish to continue to use the path dawdle through at around 10km/h. If it gets really congested just hop off and walk you bike.

In the evenings the pedestrians walking from the station to the buses in Victoria Street will use the other platform, so will not be on the shared path.

Station staff will also be crossing the Upfield Bike Path near the station entrance (at Wilkinson Street) to park their vehicles.

Additional bicycle parking has been provided at Brunswick Station for cyclists connecting with trains to the city.

If you are someone who would usually ride to a station on the Upfield line and take a train, additional bike parking facilities have been provided at Brunswick Station.

Bicycle parking is also be located at the following stations towards the city:

Jewell 16 Platform 1 entrance
Jewell 5 Platform 2
Royal Park 2 Platform 2 entrance
North Melbourne 15 Dryburgh Street entrance
Flagstaff 3 William Street entrance
Flagstaff 4 La Trobe Street entrance


Riders around Brunswick should be aware that there will be additional buses on the road in the vicinity, as well as increasing volumes of construction traffic, and redirected general traffic as works ramp up on the elevated rail construction between Brunswick and Coburg.

Riding on Sydney Road will require additional care and attention.

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