Recall: Cannondale’s rack off

Cannondale has recalled the front rack kit for Cannondale Treadwell bicycles as it can become detached from the bike, possibly causing injury to the rider or bystanders.

The rack was sold on certain Treadwell bikes as well as being available as a separate kit.

The bolts that attach can fail, and when the rack detaches its can abruptly stop the front wheel rotating, causing a fall.

Consumers should stop using the rack and remove it from their bicycle.

Cannondale says: "We have elected to conduct a recall of the rack in order to provide riders with a more robust attachment system, which will be installed at no cost by Cannondale dealers.

"We are working to finalize this improved attachment system and obtain required government approvals.

"In the meantime, Cannondale dealers should stop sale of the racks and all Cannondale dealers and riders should remove the rack from any Treadwell bicycles and save all rack parts for later re-attachment.

Parts are expected to become available in September 2020.

Consumers will be asked to contact the place of purchase to organise for the front rack attachment system to be replaced, free of charge.

The product was sold nationally via authorised Cannondale dealers between 1 April 2019 and 13 July 2020.

Click here for instructions on how to remove the rack and see the video below.

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