No changes to Trenerry Crescent

Trenerry Crescent between Clifton Hill and Abbotsford will remain unchanged for the time being after City of Yarra councillors voted unanimously on Tuesday not to open up the street for people who ride and walk.

There had been a proposal to reduce car access on the road for three months to create more space for outdoor community movement during the COVID restriction period.

The changes would have been made between Dights Falls entry in Abbotsford and Gray Street in Clifton Hill.

Local residents and users of Trenerry Crescent gave feedback on the proposal and voted for one of three options; to close the southbound lane of Trennery to motor vehicle traffic, close both lanes, or make no closures at all.

The stretch connects the Main Yarra Trail to Merri Creek Trail and is used by both commuters and recreation riders, however the narrow, painted bike lane can be a turn off for people.

There is a footpath between the road and the riverbank, however the pavement is plastered with do-not-ride-your-bike-here stickers.

While changes to Trenerry Crescent will not be made in the immediate future to help people get around in a COVID world, it will not stay the way it is forever.

As well as generally improve the experience for riders, Yarra Council's info page about the proposed changes to Trenerry Crescent said that upgrades would create safer routes to local schools and community facilities, such as Victoria Park, as well as help deliver on its Climate Emergency Plan.

A more bike-friendly Trennery Crescent is clearly needed and changes in the neighbourhood will happen.

An off-road path being built alongside the Eastern Freeway as part of the North East Link projects will change bike access in the area while the proposed Melbourne Metro 2 rail project would also cause a major shake up.

Hopefully don't have to wait too long for improvements. 

A map showing the section of Trenerry Crescent that would have had reduced car access.

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