That one road

Our General Manager of Commercial, Glen Janetzki, dreams of returning to his favourite road.

Everyone has that one road they love to ride. That one stretch that draws them in. That one road they wish they could be riding right now.

With travel restrictions a reality for the foreseeable future, it might be a while until we can scratch that itch.

The longing for that one road is particularly strong for those of us in Melbourne right now. Unless your favourite road is within 5km of your house, you are probably getting sick of doing the same local loops day after day.

As lockdown starts to ease, we can see some light at the end of the tunnel. We can dare to dream of a time when all this craziness will be behind us and we’re pedalling along that one road.

What is that one road you miss the most?

I’m sure some of you are watching Le Tour and dreaming of a return to Alpe d’Huez or a roll along the French Riviera.

Maybe you’re missing something closer to home like the amazing Blue Derby MTB park down in Tasmania.

Perhaps, it’s a peaceful roll through the countryside on a beautiful rail trail or the magical Grand Ridge Road near Mirboo where it feels like time stands still.

Wherever it is, we all have that special place where we wish we could be riding at this moment. That one road which makes you feel alive no matter how tired you’re feeling.

For me, it’s the 40 kilometers of pure bliss along the Great Alpine Highway that stretches from Cobungra through to Omeo, past Anglers Rest via the Omeo Highway (before the corner infamous among Peaks Challenge riders that heads up to Falls Creek).

The scenery is amazing as you pedal the rolling hills with the river running alongside you. Every time I get here is special and I always feel like I’m having a great day on the bike.

So where is your special stretch of road? Let us know.

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