Change to M80 trail detour
Change to M80 trail detour

Riders along the M80 Ring Road Trail in Thomastown can expect a minor change to their detour from next Monday.

A detour of the route is already in place due to major works on a new interchange at Edgars Road.

Contractors will close the interchange for two weeks as they work 24 hours a day to get it re-opened.

As the interchange will be closed, riders will not be able to cross Edgars Road at the lights at the intersection.

Instead they will cross Edgars Road at the lights at the corner of Victoria Drive and use the east side of Edgars Road to get to and from the Trail to the east.

The footpath over the M80 will be open for pedestrians who wish to head south.

On Wednesday 3 December, the contractors opened the section of path between Sydney Road and Kathryn Street overpass, and the detour along Sydney Road service lane will be removed.

The shared use path between Kathryn Street overpass and Merri Creek Trail will remain closed until 6pm Friday 18 December 2020.

The temporary detour along Birchwood Street, Leighton Crescent, Hedley Street and Eva Court will remain in place.

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