New Parkiteers open and more to come

More people can now ride to the station and securely park their bike thanks to new Parkiteers recently opened at Hurstbridge and Mentone.

The new Parkiteer at Mentone completes the first round of new stations built by the Level Crossing Removal Project on the Frankston line after Carrum and Cheltenham opened in September.

Hurstbridge station has a brand new Parkiteer that has been completed as part of Victrack works along the Hurstbridge line.

More spaces for more people to ride

Both Parkiteers are architecturally designed and feature 26 premium biycle parking spaces. They are positioned right by the station entrances, making it easy to make a quick dash to the platform after parking your bike.

The Hurstbridge Parkiteer is situated right off the Diamond Creek walking and cycling trail, and features a new and improved design for a standalone Parkiteer facility.

Mentone Parkiteer is also next to the station entrance and features a modern design that blends in with the rest of the station forecourt. Access to the Parkiteer is easy from Como Parade East.

More stations on the way

Several other Parkiteer cages are also due to open soon, including at Beaconsfield, Chelsea, Bonbeach and Edithvale in 2021.

And while Moreland and Coburg stations on the Upfield line have opened after they were redeveloped as part of level crossing removal works, Parkiteers at those two stations are still being finished and will also open in 2021.

Access to Parkiteer is free for anyone who rides a bike. Visit to register and see all Parkiteer locations.

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