Townsville's big MTB plans

Townsville is the latest city putting plans together to capitilise on the growing trend of mountain biking.

The Townsville Mountain Bike Strategy Draft 2021 - 2023 has been released and the council is expected to vote on the strategy in the next full council meeting.

Like many MTB strategies popping up around the country, the plan has great potential to provide economic, social and environmental benefits to the community.

But not many other regions will have as much support as Townsville, who boast the second largest mountain biking club in the country – the Rockwheelers Mountain Bike Club.

The council’s Community Health, Safety and Environmental Sustainability Committee recently endorsed the plan, and advised developing the Rockwheelers Mountain Bike Club's home as a high priority of the project. 

The club is currently responsible for maintaining many of the mountain bike tracks in the region, including Douglas, Mount Stuart, and Ross River Dam trails. 

The Townsville Mountain Bike Strategy objectives are:
  • Improve the liveability of Townsville and the health and wellbeing of the Townsville community;
  • Create a sustainable mountain bike tourism market in Townsville;
  • Provide a multi-stage 10-year Masterplan for mountain bike trail development in Townsville; and
  • Provide sustainable management guidelines for mountain bike infrastructure.

This comes after the Cattle Creek Mill in Mackay recently announced a $348,000 makeover to transform the Finch Hatton Trailhead as a mountain biking hub in Pioneer Valley.

It's a good time to be a mountain biker in Queensland! 

And for mountain bikers all over the country, whether new to the sport or old hands, the new trails and facilities in the sunshine state will be a welcome addition to the popular vacationing destination.


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