Google Maps upgrade will provide better bike routes

A new upgrade to Google Maps will provide better navigation and wayfinding features for people riding bikes.

Google have announced they will be launching their 'Lite Navigation' system, as part of a boost to assist people getting around more efficiently using sustainable forms of transport.

With Lite Navigation, riders will be able to attach their devices to their handlebars and receive visual instruction about the route they are taking, as well the estimated travel time and expected changes in elevation. Voice guidance will also be available under the system.

Route instructions and ETAs can also be set up to appear in the notification bar of a user’s smartphone, which means that they will not have to continually unlock their phones to keep on track.

Google announced the introduction of lite navigation as part of a broader effort related to sustainability.

For those that still depend on their car, eco-friendly car routing is now available in the US. This means Maps will display the most fuel-efficient route you can take to a destination, in addition to the fastest one.

The tool will also display your relative fuel savings should you decide to follow the more efficient route. Google estimates the feature may help prevent as much as 1 million tons of carbon emissions from entering the atmosphere. 

Lite Navigation is expected to begin to be rolled in the coming months.

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