South Perth path set for upgrades

One of the most popular bike routes in Western Australia is set for a state-first bike crossing, path widening and resurfacing. 

The path along South Perth Foreshore attracts about 1300 bike riders every day, and will be improved as part of the City of South Perth and Town of Victoria Park Joint Bike Plan to enhance safety and encourage bicycle transport.

The Joint Bike Plan (from 2018) outlines a five-year action plan for specific improvements to the cycle network and environment for each local government to further investigate and implement. You can find out more about the joint plan here

The shared path between Queen Street and Millers Pool will be replaced with a wider path constructed from red asphalt to provide a smoother riding surface for bike riders and improve safety for pedestrians. 

Following this upgrade, the City of South Perth will install raised priority crossings where the bike path intersects with Coode Street, Douglas Avenue and Witcomb Place. The path surfacing is designed to clearly indicate right of way for bikes, and drivers will be required to give way to bike riders travelling across the raised platform.

The upgrades will replace the shared path between Queen Street and Millers Pool with a wider path constructed from red asphalt for a smooth ride.

South Perth mayor Greg Milner said the City was committed to ensuring a safe, efficient and reliable transport network.

“We have listened to what our community has told us about the need for better transport connections around our City. Improvements to the bike path will mean a safer journey for cyclists, pedestrians and drivers,” Mr Milner said.

Bike crossings similar to this image from Brisbane are coming to South Perth. Credit: Queensland Government

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