Bridge closure in Northcote

The 100 year-old High Street Bridge over the Merri Creek will be closed later this month to replace the existing bridge deck with a new, stronger structure that can take the weight of tram traffic.

Riders along the Merri Creek Trail underneath will not be impacted.

For riders on High Street arrangements have been made for access through the work zone.

The Bridge will be closed between Westgarth Street and Hoddle Street From 12am Sunday 28 November to 5am Monday 6 December.

Although the work zone will be fenced off, bike riders and pedestrians will be able to utilise the footpath on the north side of the bridge.

There will be signage in place to guide those on bikes and walking.

Bus and trams services will face major dislocation during the works.

As part of the project the upgrade will:
  • Demolish the existing pavement and tram track slab
  • Build a new bridge deck
  • Construct the track slab and replace tram tracks
  • Reinstate the pavement and reconstruct the kerbs

The $1.3M project aims to give the bridge another 100 years of life.

The works are part of a program includes funding for bridge upgrades across metropolitan Melbourne to allow all vehicles and tram classes to move across the network without restriction.

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