Detour for Upfield Trail

There will be a detour of the Upfield Trail in North Coburg for most of this year.

Riders will be diverted to the west side of the rail line at Merlynston Station while work is underway to extend car parking at the station, extend bike parking with a Parkiteer cage, and realign the existing trail on the east side of the station.

The detour, from south to north, is between Shorts Road and Boundary Road.

Riders will cross the track at Shorts Road and then head along Lorensen Avenue to Bain Reserve at Orvieto Street.

Here riders have several options. There is a path through Bain Reserve, but as it is a footpath there will be signage for riders to walk their bikes if using it.

Alternatively, there is a track along the west side of Merlyn Reserve, or there is Merlyn Street itself where there is a small shopping centre.

There will be traffic management in place throughout the entire detour which will see vehicles slowed to 40km/h from 50km/h.

The first three days of the detour (14-16 February) there will Traffic Controllers out to help guide bike riders and pedestrians through the detour.

Signage will be in place well before the detour begins.

Dyson Bus Group will be making drivers aware of the detour and reminding them to drive carefully with increased riders in the area.

The detour was worked out by the project contractors and the City of Moreland, with input from Bicycle Network.

Once all road users adjust, it should function effectively. Make sure you let us know if you notice something amiss.

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