Minor detour for big pipe project
Minor detour for big pipe project

There will be a minor disruption again to the Bay Trail through Westgate Park this week as Melbourne Water prepares to build a new sewer under the Yarra near the Westgate Bridge.

One of the trails in Westgate Park that is in close proximity to the pumping station will be closed from 7am Monday 7 March to 5pm Friday 11 March.

However, there is an adjacent trail that will remain open for riders.

Contractors are establishing the worksite this week and have closed the section of trail as a safety measure.

The works are part of a project to duplicate the Hobsons Bay Main Sewer under the Yarra across to Spottswood.

The sewer was built in in the 1960’s and now carries 30 per cent of Melbourne's sewerage.

It has deteriorated and needs rehabilitating, so a new sewer will be bored under the Yarra that will take over the flow during the rebuild of the old sewer.

One the tunnelling is underway there will be little to see on the surface and no disruptions to riders is expected.

Major works start in May and are expected to be completed before the end of 2024.

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