Bay Trail doubles up in Brighton
Bay Trail doubles up in Brighton

The newly duplicated section of the Bay Trail through the busy Brighton Baths precinct has stood the test of summer.

The previously awkward arrangement of the trail, combined with crowds of riders and walkers on sunny weekends, tested the patience of regular users and visitors alike.

Gradually, over recent years, the City of Bayside has planned and developed a series of improvements aimed at making the trail work better for both through traffic and for those using it to visit local attractions.

This summer a full duplication was completed and there is now a continuous connection from the existing bicycle path at Sandown Street to Middle Brighton Baths, and pedestrians and cyclists are separate at this previously congested boardwalk section.

As well as the construction of a new dedicated bicycle path the timber seawall has been restored to protect the trail from tide and wave erosion.

Mayor Cr Alex del Porto said: "Council is committed to enabling sustainable transport choices and improving our riding and walking infrastructure for residents and visitors to enjoy.”

On-road transport is the second largest producer of greenhouse gas emissions in Bayside, making up around 20% of the municipality's emissions profile. Of this, the vast majority is produced by cars.

Bicycle Network CEO, Craig Richards, said the Bay Trail has been a great success story for Melbourne, boosting the physical and mental health of so many users.

"Bayside City, through its improvements over the years over the years, should be proud of its contribution to this success story.

"These latest upgrades will ensure that bike riders and other path users get along, while protecting the fragile and beautiful coastal environment."

Bayside encourages riders to ride to the path condition, slow when approaching pedestrians, use a bell when passing, and give way to others walking.

Pedestrians are encouraged to stay aware of their surroundings, especially when wearing headphones, and keep left on shared paths.

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