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It’s Road Rules Awareness Week in NSW

Road Rules Awareness Week kicked off this week in New South Wales, an opportunity to demystify some of the most misunderstood road rules.

The week-long event put on by Transport for NSW has been running since 2013 and gives road users, including bike riders, the opportunity to fresh up their state road rule knowledge.

As part of the week’s agenda, Transport for NSW released their Top 10 misunderstood road rules, a series of animations that help dispel any uncertainties around common traffic behaviours.

The most important rules for bike riders are also up on the TfNSW website.

A complete understanding of road users’ rights and responsibilities is critical for ensuring Australia is on the right path to Vision Zero, the multi-national pact to completely eliminate road fatalities.

Unfortunately, bike riders and other vulnerable road users remain disproportionately represented in national crash statistics.

You can find out more on the Transport for NSW site here.

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