Around the Bay Legends: Manny

As almost 10,000 riders line up to ride the United Energy Around the Bay this Sunday, in the pack will be a rider gearing up for the event for an impressive 28th time.
Manny Karvelas is one of a select group, known as the Around the Bay Legends, who have made sure to ride the event every year - rain, hail, or shine – since its inception in 1993.
He was one of the 2,700 riders who took on the very first event on Saturday 17 October 1993, signing up after hearing about the event from another member of his riding group. 

 “With the first ride, we thought ‘let’s just give it a go’,” explains Manny.
“I remember driving into the old timber docks on the morning of the event. I think the Bay Ride was one choice only, 210km long and via Queenscliff. It was very different to the high-profile event it has become.”
He signed up to tackle the ride and hasn’t missed a year since.
“Once I had done ten or so, I thought to myself ‘let’s keep it going whilst I can.’ I’ve been lucky not to be crook or injured for each event.”
“These days, the variance in distances helps bring in all sorts of groups and communities. It’s a mix of families and kids, along with more serious riders taking on the longer distances. There's a lot of community.”
“At completion, you've done something that not many people can do. It's an achievement. You train and you become fit. There are the fitness benefits, and the social part of training within a group – Around the Bay promotes all of that.”
While finishing the event is always a highlight, Manny says he has learnt a lot from the training journey each year.
“If you can complete a bike ride, you gain transferable skills that you can apply to other aspects in life. You compartmentalise it, break it down. It’s about focus, looking at where you’re at and where you’re heading.”
“I’ll just be motoring around this year and taking it all in. Taking it in and enjoying it.”

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