Federal boost to Barwon Heads route

The announcement by the Federal Government to contribute #125M to stage 2 of the Barwon Heads Road upgrade will extend critical bike infrastructure further into Geelong’s booming southern suburbs, and closer to the coast.

The project, already in the development phase, is expected to be underway in 2024.

It will add another six kilometres to the trail alongside the road which is currently under construction from Geelong as far as Reserve Road in Marshall at a cost of $365M.

The second stage will take the duplicated road and the trail from Reserve Road through Charlmont to Lower Duneed Road, Armstrong Creek.

The new road is also expected to be fitted with ridable shoulders suitable for road riders and groups.

When stage two is open it will provide these riders with a useful connection to Bluestone School Road through to 13th Beach Road into Barwon Heads, part of a popular recreation circuit.

Geelong southern suburbs, especially Armstrong Creek, will need considerable bike infrastructure as they develop as they are otherwise destined to become unattractive car-based suburbia.

Prime Minister of Australia Anthony Albanese said: “Sound and planned infrastructure investment in Victoria creates jobs, builds opportunity and unlocks economic growth and productivity for our cities and our regions.

“It’s about making journeys quicker, but also making sure Victorians can get home to their families safely.

“Through our first Budget, my team is getting on with the job of delivering projects in consultation with Infrastructure Australia and all levels of Government to make a real difference to the lives of Australians.”

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