Kunanyi bike access up for review

Wellington Trust has released a draft visitor and recreation strategy covering kunanyi/Mt Wellington, which recommends revising the Wellington Park 2005 bike strategy in the next 2 years.

The 2005 bike strategy and changes made in 2000 opened up the mountain to more mountain bike riding trail opportunities, such as the North–South Track. Since it was adopted, the City of Hobart has added to the track network in the foothills and Glenorchy Council has released a plan for its mountain bike park and trails.

The draft recreation strategy specifically mentions a review of the bike strategy would incorporate the goals of the recreation strategy, such as identifying gaps in the track and trail network.

It also acknowledges that road riders use the park, and the issues with sharing Pinnacle Road with vehicles, and that the Kunanyi Challenge is one of the annual events that use the park.

The draft recreation strategy also includes recommendations more generally that could impact road and mountain bike riding, including:

  • creating more transport hubs inside and outside the park
  • completing a master plan for The Springs which focuses its role as a trailhead for people riding and walking
  • identifying gaps in the track and trail network
  • developing a master plan for Junction Cabin area
  • investigating alternative transport arrangements between Halls Saddle and the Pinnacle.

Conflict between users was highlighted as an issue that needs to be managed, specifically mentioning people riding mountain bikes clashing with people walking.

The City of Hobart ran a comprehensive survey of mountain users in 2019 which received over 1000 responses. It found most people were happy with shared use on uphill trails because the speed of walking and riding were more aligned but preferred separate use trails when speed differential was high and sightlines limited.

The City used the data from the survey to help inform its project to improve the standard and connectivity of mountain bike trails in the foothills.

Wellington Trust is an administrative body which looks after kunanyi/Mt Wellington, formed from the land managers of the mountain, including the cities of Hobart and Glenorchy, Taswater and the Parks and Wildlife Service.

You can comment on the strategy before 5 pm on Monday 30 January 2023 via email to