Wheel Women Cycle Japan

We caught up with Tina McCarthy, cyclist, traveller, cycling coach, bike mechanic and tour guide, from Wheel Women to find out more about her recent cycling adventure to Shaimanami Kaido and Tobishima Kaido, Japan with a group of 9 intrepid women.

Aside from the adventure, new cultural experience, lifetime friendships and enjoying a bucket list holiday Tina’s purpose is to promote cycling for every woman, any size, any shape, any age with any bike and to help them choose active over inactive.

Over 6 days in Japan the group of women conquered the hills at Shiratakiyama, enjoyed sea views, and immersed themselves in local hospitality and culinary experiences including traditional sashimi lunches, a Wakka BBQ and ‘milkan’ (tangerine) gelato.

All whilst cycling alongside Japanese friends and forging new friendships along the way all through riding.

Tina’s enthusiasm and experience allows her to show women who may be starting at a ‘low level’ that they ‘can’ do stuff, leave their nerves behind and open a new doorway of adventure. It is truly inspiring!

Read Tina’s full blog post about her Japanese adventure here

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