Share your thoughts on Melbourne’s roads  

A new RACV survey is asking the people of Melbourne to share their thoughts on road safety in the city, following troubling fatality figures and an alarming start to 2023.  

The My Melbourne Road survey seeks responses from drivers, pedestrians and bike riders and brings to light troublesome spots through an interactive map.  

The online map shows 31 local government areas and invites users to drop pins on locations of concern. 

A pop-up window allows comment on safety issues affecting a section of road or intersection. Users can also upload photos and complete an optional two-minute survey.  

Historical collision data shows the locations of serious injuries and fatalities on the roads between 2016 and 2019. 

The RACV reports that 106 lives were lost on Melbourne roads in 2022. These included 33 pedestrian deaths and 8 bike rider deaths.  

The annual average for fatalities on Melbourne’s roads between 2018 and 2021 sits at 105, with an annual average of 25 pedestrian deaths and 6 bike rider deaths. 

In the first 44 days of 2023, there were 17 fatalities on Melbourne’s roads, putting the city on track to exceed its average of the preceding four years.  

“RACV really wants to know what Melburnians think about the roads, intersections and routes that make up their daily commutes,” says RACV General Manager Automotive Services Jackie Pedersen.  

“For example, is the speed limit too high? Are certain lanes too narrow? Is there inadequate signage that could lead to collisions? Have potholes or deteriorating road surfaces made a certain road dangerous to travel on?” 

It is hoped that community feedback can contribute to turning this around, with RACV planning to share information collected through the survey with “all levels of government.” 

“When talking about Melbourne roads, it’s not just drivers we’re hoping to hear from,” Pedersen says. “We want to be a voice for everyone including pedestrians, bike riders and public transport users. This is your chance to speak up and be heard. 

“We want to gather as much data as we can so that we can highlight and encourage meaningful changes that can deliver safety improvements and help save lives.” 

The RACV is urging Melburnians to hop online and provide their feedback in the coming weeks.

Take the survey here 

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