Plans for Bay Trail upgrade at Sandridge

The area around the Sandridge Lifesaving Club at Sandridge Beach has always been somewhat gnarly for bikes to navigate.

The transition from the Todd Road path to the Bay Trail at The Boulevard has always lacked clarity.

Car parking, bus stops and narrow footpaths complicated the journey, and riders have learned short cuts on pedestrian paths to avoid squeeze points.

There are access driveways that appear to be used regularly by jet ski owners to illegally launch their toys, putting riders at risk at the path crossings.

The curve of the road into Todd Road looks like it was designed for the Grand Prix and traffic speeds are consequently high.

The City of Port Phillip has been tinkering, delivering small improvements over the years.

Now it has opened public consultation to collect feedback on the problems and opportunities for more comprehensive improvements to resolve underlying community concerns.

Make sure you have your say. Consultation closes 5:00pm, Sunday 16 April.

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